We believe in the potential of diversity: Our team consists of creative minds and strategists, technicians and visionaries. With passion, expertise and vigour we will be at your service all over the world.

  • Jens Gießler 

    Managing Director 

    Perfectionist and workaholic, always making the impossible possible. Happy, when clients, staff and guests are pleased. Constantly away on business and always looking forward to spending some time with his family. Appreciates good wine and a nice book but has hardly ever time to read.

  • Ralf Philipp 

    Managing Director 

    Also known as Pinsel (paintbrush). Everyday hero. Full of wanderlust and always on the move. Likes happy clients and the pleasant working atmosphere at organissimo. Wants to be reborn as albatross and enjoy the boundless freedom above the clouds.

  • Monika Fleischmann 

    Management assistant, secretary 

    Organizational talent and horse fan with a distinct sense of justice and a good eye for details. Secret organissimo mood barometer. Always having an ace up her sleeve. On a desert island she would not want to miss her animals, her husband and a nice and cold Caipirinha.

  • Anne Rosenfeld 

    Project assistant 

    Lively bundle of energy. Busy Lizzie. Overlooking everything at a glance. Always keeping cool, even in the most stressful situations. At heart a bird of passage that follows the sun in winter, she would like The Road Runner to play her in a movie. Meep meep!

  • Daniel Geiger 

    Project Manager Events 

    IT Guru and barbecue expert. The one to call in case of a technical emergency. Likes good food, fine wines and strong coffee. As a passionate globetrotter he organizes events for our clients all around the world.

  • Tobias Zahn 

    Project Manager Fairs 

    Old stager at organissimo and a pedantic sound acrobat. Loves variety, teamwork and his saxophone. Would like to meet Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Gorbatschow and Humboldt for Dinner.

  • Carsten Hoffmann 

    Project Manager Events 

    Mister Brightside. Fidgeter. Always having an insatiable craving for espresso. Satisfied clients make him happy. Wants to be reborn as fat tomcat “Kalle” – in this life he enjoys the sun, the mountains, Lake Constance and a good glass of wine.